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Increase Your ROI with Boat & RV Canopies

Is your storage facility in an area where many residents own boats or RVs? You can enhance your customer experience and grow your business by offering RV and boat storage. This is one of the best low cost-high return on investments you can make. Plus, your customers will be ecstatic when they learn that they can store their RV or boat at the same storage facility as their other items.

Increase Your Customer Base and Revenue

While many self storage facilities offer open parking spaces for Boat & RV owners, data shows that providing canopies to shelter vehicles from the elements will enable you to charge twice as much rent for the same amount of space – simply because it is covered.

Adding canopies for Boat & RV storage makes sense for many self storage owners because they can draw clients from a larger geographic market than that of a typical self storage facility. Self Storage facilities located near bodies of water and recreation areas are a natural selection for Boat & RV storage tenants who don’t want to haul their recreational vehicles over a long distance.

Increase Your Tenant Stay

Another advantage of adding Boat & RV canopies is that these self storage facilities typically enjoy a longer than average tenant stay. While traditional self storage customers stay just under a year, the average rental for a Boat & RV storage space averages two years.

Forge Building Company are premier commercial storage builders that construct commercial RV and boat storage canopies. We’ve supported the self storage industry for decades, and we'll continue to do so. Because we partner closely with many self storage business owners, we know what storage facilities require when it comes to their buildings and canopies. Our team consists of industry experts who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to help you determine the appropriate canopies for your facility.

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When we partner with storage companies, we put your customer at the front of everything we do.

If we were storing our boat or RV at your facility, we’d want to know that the canopy would protect our RV or boat. Luckily, you don't have to worry about the durability of our canopies. As commercial storage builders, we work with only top-quality materials to guarantee our customers the best possible canopy. It's not your responsibility to check the quality of the canopies; we take care of that for you.

If you'd like to see some examples of our top-notch work, you can check out our project gallery. We love sharing our successes with potential customers because it gives them peace of mind that they're in good hands. Our experienced project managers and team of installers will ensure the project is completed properly and on time. We know how frustrating it can be if a project drags on longer than expected, so we won't let that happen. Contact us today for your free estimate or if you have any questions regarding our products, processes, or partners. We look forward to being your commercial storage builder.

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