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Metal Building Re-Roofing

Are you the owner of a self-storage company? If so, when was the last time you inspected the roof on your units? If you can't remember, it might be time to call a professional to inspect your roofs because, despite your roofs being steel, they won't last forever. The team at Forge Building Company are experts in building and designing self-storage facilities, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we also offer commercial metal roof replacement services. 

The roof on your self-storage unit is imperative to protecting tenants' belongings. Even a small leak should be unacceptable as it can damage your customers' things. Not to mention, if a customer has a negative experience at your storage facility, they're likely going to tell everyone they know, which could significantly damage your reputation. We want to help you protect your reputation and your tenants' items.


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Signs You May Need a Metal Roof Replacement

The most common (and obvious) signs you need a commercial metal roof replacement or repair are punctures and corrosion. Many punctures are a result of untreated corrosion, though severe weather could also cause punctures in the roof. Metal roofs require sealants and exterior paint to minimize corrosion and other damage. You'll also want to look for loose seams in your roof as they're an entry point for leaks.

Why You Shouldn't Use Screw-Down Roofing

Many self-storage business owners make the common mistake of using screw-down roofing because it's generally more affordable. We would urge you to consider using standing seam roof panels instead because this installation doesn't require penetrating the roof with screws because of its joining rib design. The screws typically aren't a problem for the first year or so (depending on your environment), but those screws must be tightened or replaced over time. It's important to remember that each roof penetration increases the risk of leaks and ultimately disappointing your customers. Our services will help you retain your customers and protect their possessions.

If you think you need a commercial metal roof replacement, contact us today. We'll be happy to get you an estimate.

extend the life of your investment while protecting your tenants.

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