The Forge Story

How did two New Zealanders end up in Boise, Idaho running onE of the largest Steel building companies in the West?

To answer that we will have to take you all the way back to 1990’s…
As young boys in New Zealand, Papakura Hamish Bell and Hayden Farrell found themselves on the same under 19 rugby team. The two of them knew right away they made great teammates. Hayden with a strong silent attack and Hamish with fast wit and skills. Many wins were celebrated at the local rugby club and in time the legendary FORGE club.

After finishing school Hayden headed back to the USA where his dad Glen Farrell (the king of storage) ran an installation company. As any good son, he recruited his mates to come join -Hamish being one of the first. Both Hamish and Hayden traveled, built storage, and worked throughout America. Hamish in his van “blue lady” with horns on the front and Hayden in his BIG truck that could never fit on any New Zealand roadway.
In 2001, both Hayden and Hamish found themselves on a job in Boise, Idaho. They both fell in love with the city, the quality of life, and quickly joined the Lions Rugby team where they again played rugby and found great mates. In time, they both settled down and started families. Boise, Idaho became home.

In 2007, after over a decade of working as foremen and independent contractors Hamish and Hayden saw the potential to become a full house steel service, founding FORGE Building Company. By using their expertise in storage and focusing on the three pillars of buildings, designing, and erecting it led them to a more diverse portfolio and stronger relations across the West Coast.
Although Forge Building Company is founded by two mates complimenting each other’s skills on and off the rugby field, it is now built by a solid team with strong goals to be the best in the industry. After 13 years in business- thanks to the great team, wonderful clients, great partners the FORGE team has completed over 500+ jobs, built over 50 million square feet, has over 200+ employees and remains privately owned and operated in Boise, Idaho.

As we move into the next decade the Forge team is focused on the $100M annual revenue milestone. Once reached, we will celebrate once again, as a team (employees, clients, friends, family, and partners) at FORGE.
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