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BOAT & RV Enclosed Storage

Expand your business by offering Enclosed Boat and RV Storage

Is your storage facility in an area where many residents own boats or RVs? You can enhance your customer experience and grow your business by offering enclosed RV and boat storage. 

Forge Building Company are premier commercial storage builders that construct self- commercial RV and boat storage facilities. We've supported the self-storage industry for decades, and we'll continue to do so. Because we partner closely with many self-storage business owners, we know what storage facilities require when it comes to their buildings and canopies. Our team consists of industry experts who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to help you design and build your next project.

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Investing in Storage Condominiums

A storage condo, like it sounds, is much like a residential condo except it is a storage unit that you own. These enclosed units are designed primarily for the rapidly growing market for boats and RVs, but can also be used to store items like classic cars, business inventory, and more. Each enclosed storage condo unit is part of a storage complex that has some shared amenities for which owners typically pay monthly dues to maintain in a similar manner as a traditional Homeowners Association.

A big difference is that the enclosed storage condo complexes usually offer services specific to boats and RVs, such as dump stations, wash stations, maintenance, and repair.

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