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Founded in 2007, Forge Building Company designs and erects innovative steel buildings throughout the United States. Though we specialize in self storage facilities, our proprietary methods apply to any type of steel building. From RV storage, car washes, and airplane hangars to large warehouses, fish hatcheries, and craft breweries, Forge Building company can provide the solution that fits your needs.

General COntracting/ project management

From TI renovations to commercial and structural engineering projects, the company consistently meets and exceeds expectations. Detailed craftsmanship and innovative methods empower the dedicated teams to develop inspiring, creative and economical plans for a wide variety of construction projects.


At Forge Building Company, meticulous planning serves as the bedrock of our operations. We understand that the triumph of your construction project relies on thoughtful layout considerations and comprehensive site analysis. Leveraging our team of experts, we specialize in crafting strategic plans that optimize space utilization, augment functionality, and enhance efficiency. This ensures that your facility is meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Structural Engineering (Design Build)

Forge Building Company stands as the pinnacle of expertise in steel construction, renowned as the industry-leading steel building expert. Our supremacy is underscored by our comprehensive structural engineering services, which encompass design-build solutions that consistently surpass expectations. 

Supply And Install

Forge Building Company is THE steel building expert. We will supply your steel and provide an experienced installation crew for your project. Our installers pay close attention to every little detail ensuring your facility is built to the highest level of quality.

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