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Founded in 2007, Forge Building Company has been designing and erecting innovative buildings throughout the United States. Though we specialize in self-storage facilities – single and multi-story – our proprietary methods apply to any building type. From RV storage, car washes, and airplane hangars to large warehouses, fish hatcheries, and craft breweries, Forge Building company can provide the solution that fits your needs.


The single-story facility is what most consumers think of when they hear the words “self-storage”. It is also the facility with which Forge Building Company has the most experience. Innovative solutions with great cost-efficiency is what it’s all about for us.


As more people move into cities from the suburbs, they need a space to replace their garage. Forge Building Company has innovated multi-story self-storage facility design. From two stories to as many as six, we have the staff and strategic partnerships needed to make these complex projects cost-effective.


Nearly as high in demand as self-storage facilities, recreational vehicle storage “parks” are another specialty for Forge Building Company. Whether simple canopy structures or three-sided pre-engineered structures, we have the solution to meet your customers’ needs.


Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) are among the most common facilities built from cold-formed steel. This design is ideal for broad span applications such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities.


Currently registered in Idaho, Forge Building Company can deliver innovative building solutions from below grade to the top of your project. Over the years of the company’s existence we’ve developed the strategic partnerships needed to be cost-effective and efficient. For most of the projects we are involved with the steel buildings are the largest line item in the budget after labor. When Forge is the GC there are real savings in materials.

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