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Havasu Riviera Marina - On Water Boat Storage

Project Location

Havasu Riviera Marina

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Project Summary

  • Project Type: Two boat canopy structures
  • Project Completed: 2024
  • 60 units – 3 sizes: 12’x30’; 15’x30’; 15’x40’

Owning a boat brings a sense of adventure and relaxation, but the logistical hurdle of transitioning it from storage to the water can often dampen the excitement. Imagine a seamless solution where your treasured boat could be securely housed directly at the marina, shielded from the elements yet readily accessible for your aquatic adventures. Courtesy of the Havasu Riviera Marina Storage, this dream is a reality.

lake havasu on water boat storage

As of April 1, 2024, the Havasu Riviera Marina Storage now offers 60 slips thoughtfully designed across two distinct structures. These slips cater to varying needs, offering dimensions of 12 feet in width by 30 feet in length, 15 feet in width by 30 feet in length, and 15 feet in width by 40 feet in length. Moreover, in a stroke of ingenuity, provisions have been made for the installation of lifts, allowing the option to effortlessly hoist your vessel out of the water for dry storage.

How it Started

The beginning of this innovative journey traces back six years to when Mychal Gorden and his now partner in the Desert Land Group, Luke Still, met Hamish Bell while working with LuxeLocker to plan and develop storage condos in Boise, Idaho. “We were impressed with how Forge provided a turnkey solution,” said Mychal Gorden, CEO of Desert Land Group. “The Forge team handled everything from the engineering, and procurement of steel, to the erection, and management of the whole process with the general contractor and architect. This company has a well-staffed team and delivers a high-quality product.”

Eighteen months ago, Desert Land Group started conversations with Forge about their vision for the marina and on-the-water boat storage. While some marinas in different parts of the country provide simple canopies, Desert Land Group wanted a quality steel cover over its slips. The difference in the Havasu Riviera Marina Storage covers is the size of the slips, the design of the roof line, and all the architectural design and engineering that went into designing these structures.

Before this dream could become a reality, the Forge team worked together with the Desert Land Group in the pre-planning of the marina. A lot of planning went into the process of just building the marina – the floating dock system needed to be engineered so it would be strong enough to hold a steel structure. Steel engineers were brought in to determine strength, reinforcements needed (above and below the water), environmental factors, where bolt holes would go, and more. The dock construction itself took about sixteen months to complete. Once the dock construction was finished, the Forge team came in to erect the two structures.

For the two steel structures, materials needed to be carried by hand or carted on the dock using narrow or very lightweight lifts. There was a lot more manual labor involved in this process than using the traditional scissor lifts.

Reflecting on this journey, Mychal Gorden, CEO of Desert Land Group, describes the partnership with Hamish as a seasoned ally in the realm of development. “I have known Hamish for many years,” Gorden fondly recounts. “So, when we had the idea of building wet storage, I reached out to Hamish and his team to see what we could develop. Hamish and I crafted the idea of what exists today – wet and dry storage options combined. It was so unique and different from what either of us had ever developed together.”

Phase Two of the Project

The commencement of phase two, two steel boat canopy structures containing over 60 slips, in early February 2024 sparked a flurry of activity, culminating in the swift completion of the project in just under two months – a testament to unwavering dedication to planning, timelines, and fiscal care, with plans for phase three and four already taking shape.

Future Plans

Among the ambitious endeavors slated for the next phase is the installation of a large 60,000-square-foot Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) with racking systems inside so boat owners can store boats inside a warehouse configuration – some on trailers on the ground floor, some on racks on the second or third floor. This building will go in just off the lake and will have a concierge service tied to it. This will enable boat owners to schedule a launch time and arrive to find their boat in a slip waiting for them. Then once they are finished having fun on the lake, they can schedule the boat to be picked up, cleaned, fueled, detailed, maintained, and stored.

The third phase will include the construction of 100,000-square-foot single-story storage units that boat owners can rent if they would like to keep their boat and personal items in their own storage units. Like the phase two warehouse, it will also be tied to the concierge service so that owners can schedule a launch time and be rest assured that their boat will be in a slip, fully fueled, waiting for them to start their boating fun. Once they are finished with their day on the lake, they can schedule concierge services to take care of maintenance and storage needs.

Truly, the Havasu Riviera Marina Storage emerges as a pioneer of innovation, reshaping the very fabric of maritime convenience and accessibility.

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