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U-Haul – Overland Road Meridian, Idaho

Project Location

U-Haul – Overland Road
Meridian, Idaho


Project Summary

  • Project Type: Three story climate controlled self storage building
  • 117,114 square feet
  • Additional Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) on-site
  • Project Completed: 2024
  • 1,080 self storage units

About the Project

Forge Building Company offers a wide variety of services on any given project. In the case of U-Haul in Meridian, Idaho, Forge Building Company partnered with U-Haul to supply the steel and experienced installation crew. The Forge team completed the framing, decking, standing-seam roofing, and exterior improvements on a three story climate controlled storage building. Our experienced installers paid close attention to every little detail ensuring the self storage facility was built to the highest level of quality and that every aspect of the construction project was executed with precision and excellence.

Three story climate controlled storage building

We also worked closely with the U-Haul team to ensure scheduling was on task and completed on time. Our experienced and proficient installation crews were busy aligning steel components, taking great pride in their work. This ensured the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the three story building project.

In addition to the multi-story build, Forge Building Company also provided the labor to erect a U-box® Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB). For the building exterior, Forge utilized insulated metal panels (IMP) which are known for their superior thermal properties, design flexibility, and fast installation time. A U-box® is a container for portable storage solutions provided by U-Haul.

Pre-Engineered Metal Building

In addition to the multi-story build, Forge also provided the labor to erect a UBOX Pre-Engineered Metal Building (PEMB).

Tips for Budgeting and Planning Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Development​

Climate controlled self storage is becoming increasingly popular as customers look for facilities with units that can store and preserve their valuable and sentimental items by controlling temperature and humidity. Climate-controlled self storage can benefit self storage owners in numerous ways – mainly by bringing in more income while differentiating the facility from its competitors.

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