When it comes to self-storage construction, two names quickly come to mind: Hamish Bell and Hayden Farrell. Friends for over 30 years, these two have “forged” the path when it comes to self-storage developments nationwide.

Forge Story Bell FarrellThe two met as young boys in Papakura New Zealand where they found themselves on the same under 19 rugby team. Hayden had a strong silent attack and Hamish a fast wit and skills. The two of them knew right away they were great teammates and celebrated many wins at the local rugby club and at the legendary FORGE Club. This was the start of something much bigger to come.

After finishing school Hayden headed back to the U.S. to work with his dad, Glen Farrell (“King of Storage”), at his installation company. He quickly recruited Hamish to join them. Both Hamish and Hayden worked hard building storage units and travelling throughout the U.S.

In 2001, the pair found themselves on a job in Boise, Idaho. They quickly joined the Lions Rugby team as teammates, fell in love with the city, the people, and the quality of life. In time, they both settled down, started families, and now called Boise home.

After decades spent working in the steel-structure industry, Forge Building Company, a nationwide building contractor, was created by the pair. Using their expertise in storage and focusing on the three pillars of buildings, designing, and erecting, led the company to a more diverse portfolio and stronger relations across the U.S.

Forge Story Bell Farrell 2Today, the company offers steel buildings for self-storage, RV & boat storage, car washes, airplane hangars, large warehouses, fish hatcheries, and craft breweries/restaurants. Other offerings include pre-engineered metal buildings for industrial and commercial applications.

Forge makes customer satisfaction a priority and strives for exceptional relationships with its customers. The company works with clients from the beginning to the end to design, supplying and installing a facility to be proud of. Its team ensures every step of the process is met with confidence, pride, and quality of performance. The company’s team of experienced erectors work quickly and professionally on even the most complex project. Few builders in the industry have a team as loyal and dedicated as Forge.

With a strong portfolio of partners and clients, the Forge team has completed over 500+ jobs built over 50 million square feet, has over 200+ employees, and remains privately owned.

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