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Forge Building Company Developing Second Phase of LuxeLocker Boat & RV Storage Facility

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LuxeLocker’s Second Phase to Include 63 New Units


Boise, Idaho. – September 1, 2022 – Forge Building Company, a leading national building company with a strong focus on self-storage and innovative building solutions, today announced the groundbreaking on the second phase of its LuxeLocker Boat & RV Storage project, the premium luxury RV and boat storage facility in Boise. What is unique about this project is that customers own the individual storage units instead of renting them.

This project has included 107,023 square feet of facility. In the newest second phase, LuxeLocker is adding 63 new units. The facility is located at 7373 S Federal Way in Boise and will serve the areas dynamic and growing population and business community.

“We are proud that Forge Building Company was selected for this project because of the need for a premium facility that offers numerous amenities not typically found on storage properties,” said Hamish Bell, CEO of Forge. “We are confident that we can provide the specialized expertise needed for this kind of project given our experience with building many quality commercial RV and boat storage facilities.”

A Unique Facility for Boise

LuxeLocker is a premium property, offering larger units with widths of over 14’ wide and depths of 40’-60’.  The average unit is approximately 700 square feet. Accompanying the generous unit sizes are expansive driveways wider than 60 feet. The facility is designed to accommodate large recreational vehicles for easy maneuvering. They also offer amenities for RV owners that most others don’t, including RV cleanout stations, RV wash bays, and bright night lighting.

The property is leading the industry by offering fully integrated of ‘smart’ technology. Customers can acquire space at a LuxeLocker and manage their property remotely from the comfort and convenience of their computer or smartphone—at home or on the road.

Forge Building Company and LuxeLocker plan on a high quality and aesthetically pleasing building using the latest in reliable construction techniques and innovations in the steel building industry.

Development That Is Good for Boise

Development that enhances the community makes for great neighbors, boosts property values, and supports smart growth. Forge Building will be constructing a lower height building that only rises to 18 to 22 feet around the perimeter. Noise and light pollution are practically non-existent. LuxeLocker’s premium clientele of owners, along with larger size units and fewer tenants per square foot, along with the recreational vehicle enhanced space reduces traffic in and out of the site for lower impact on the neighborhood.

About LuxeLocker

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LuxeLocker offers storage space that customers own instead of rent. The LuxeLocker model offers customers a long-term real estate investment, along with the ultimate in storage space. Purchasing a storage unit provides customers with an active asset with the ability for future capital growth. Space can be subleased to give owners a consistent passive income stream. Mortgage payments offer a tax benefit and are often lower than the rent on comparable units.

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About Forge Building Company

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Forge Building Company was created after its founders, Hamish and Hayden, spent decades working in the steel-structure industry. Using their expertise in storage and focusing on the three pillars of buildings, designing, and erecting, led the company to a more diverse portfolio and stronger strategic partnerships across the U.S.

Today, the company offers steel buildings for self storage, RV & boat storage, car washes, airplane hangars, large warehouses, fish hatcheries, and craft breweries/restaurants. Other offerings include pre-engineered metal buildings for industrial and commercial applications.

With a strong portfolio of partners and clients, the Forge team has completed over 500+ jobs, built over 50 million square feet and remains privately owned. This solid team with complimentary skills was founded on a rugby field in New Zealand over two decades ago and is now working to be the best in the industry.

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