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Forge Building Company Breaking Ground on First Phase of New
 Stor-It Facility

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–Stor-It’s New Facility to Include Over 240,000 Square Feet in its 1st Phase –

Boise, Idaho. – October 18, 2022 – Forge Building Company, a leading national building company with a strong focus on self-storage and  innovative building solutions, today announced the groundbreaking on the first phase of its Stor-It project on Federal Way in Boise.

The first phase of this project includes 240,000 square feet of facility. The facility is located at 6099 S. Federal Way in Boise and will serve the area’s growing population and business community. The new facility is on track to open in November 2024.

“Our relationship with Stor-It started back in 2001,” said Hamish Bell, CEO of Forge. “Since that first project, we have been involved in helping Stor-It develop, do maintenance and repairs, remodel, or build facilities from the ground up for its 20 facilities and over three million square feet of self-storage space. This treasured relationship was the catalyst that led to the founding of Forge Building Company in 2007.”


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Stor-It has been around for 50 years and is the largest storage provider in the state of Idaho. What started as just one storage location over three decades ago has since expanded to more than 20 facilities across five different cities, from Boise to McCall with a total square footage of over three million square feet!

“The values that Stor-It hold strong are completely in alignment with those of Forge Building Company,” said C.W. of Stor-It. “Both companies treat their customers and employees like family. We would never build, renovate, or consider a property that Forge hasn’t been involved with. Because of our relationship of over 20 years, we know that if Forge is involved, it will get built to the highest standards.”

Stor-It’s History

The company started with a professor teaching business class at Boise State University in the areas of real estate and financing. He loved to teach his classes by using real examples and encouraged his students to apply those examples to what he was teaching them.

One day some students came to him and said they had found a piece of property to invest in. The professor was excited and began asking the students, “How are you going to purchase it? What are you going to build on it to make money? What is your plan to sustain the business?”

The students wanted to invest in a property on Mitchell Street in Boise, Idaho and put storage units on it. This was laughable at the time but did spark an interest of the professor. The professor believed in his students, and they all took the risk.

Stor-It Self Storage was started in 1972 by this professor and four of his students. After the students graduated and moved on, they were eventually bought out by the professor, and he continued to grow the business with his family every step of the way. Now he even has his grandchildren working by his side in the family business!

About Stor-It

Again, founded in 1972, Stor-It opened its doors at its first storage location on Mitchell Street in Boise, ID, making the company the very first operational self-storage provider in Idaho. What started as just 600 storage units grew over 50 years to what Stor-It likes to call it “well-oiled Green Machine.” Stor-It is unique in that they have Forge build their sites very large, maximizing the square footage. One site can range from 80,000 square feet to the current largest of 455,000 square feet to bring the grand total of all of the Stor-It facilities to over those three million square feet, designed perfectly to fit its valued customer’s storage needs.

The company truly knows storage inside and out. Many of the family members were born and raised at the Stor-It locations. They say their back yard was an asphalt jungle of doors.

With a core of strong family values today, the company is still a family-run business. For more than 50 years, three generations of relatives have worked together to provide the best storage solutions in Idaho.

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About Forge Building Company

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Forge Building Company was created after its founders, Hamish and Hayden, spent decades working in the steel-structure industry. Using their expertise in storage and focusing on the three pillars of buildings, designing, and erecting, led the company to a more diverse portfolio and stronger strategic partnerships across the U.S.

Today, the company offers steel buildings for self-storage, RV & boat storage, car washes, airplane hangars, large warehouses, fish hatcheries, and craft breweries/restaurants. Other offerings include pre-engineered metal buildings for industrial and commercial applications.

With a strong portfolio of partners and clients, the Forge team has completed over 500+ jobs, built over 50 million square feet and remains privately owned. This solid team with complimentary skills was founded on a rugby field in New Zealand over two decades ago and is now working to be the best in the industry.

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